GlobalVision Systems Solutions – Customer Evaluator ™

Customer Evaluator™Customers are the most important assets in any business organization. Since financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, stockbrokers, insurance companies, etc. deal with the general public, their employees often need to deal with a large number of customers. This number ranges from a few thousand for a small regional organization to tens of millions for a large international company. In addition to the number of customers, technical barriers and cross relationships have further complicated the difficulty in managing customers. It is almost impossible for employees of a financial institution to know their customers well without the assistance from technology.

Customer Evaluator™ (US patent pending) enables employees of a financial institution to effectively understand the current and past portfolio, the background, and the need of any customer in order to manage the customer efficiently.


Financial institutions usually offer different products such as commercial loans, mortgage loans, DDAs, savings, CDs, trade finance, SBA loans, credit cards, debit cards, etc. to their customers. These products may be handled by a few different software modules from the same manufacturer, or handled by different software systems from different manufacturers. Very often, the customer database is not integrated across different products, and the overall picture of a customer is not available directly from the computer. As a result, an employee of a financial institution often needs to go through a few different systems, and use paper and calculators to manually figure out the overall position of a customer.

In addition, most software systems only keep the customers’ data for three months or less. Ironically, business people often need to review the historic data of a customer for the past few years in order to understand the behavior pattern, the activity statistics and future business potential. An old employee may have a chance to know some customers’ historical background based on his/her memory. A new employee practically has no chance to perform the historic analysis on customers.

Furthermore, financial institutions cannot handle one customer independently from others. For example, a young man with low balances in all his accounts may turn out to be the son of the most important customers of the company. An unnoticeable businessman may have a father-in-law whose net worth is multiple billions of dollars. Therefore, it is important for the employees to understand the family background of the customer before engaging into any business discussion.

From the business aspect, the richest man in town may own a small company. The same person or company may own many companies in different industries. Naturally, it is also important to know the business background of the customer.

Moreover, many customers are socially related to each other. Members of the same club, or business association often affect each other in decision-making. An accounting firm is often closely tied with all of its customers. A property or asset management company may handle hundreds of individual accounts in one financial institution. There is no doubt that a customer service representative of a financial institution has to understand the social background of a customer before a meaningful business decision can be made.

Nevertheless, most financial systems only keep their customers’ financial data and some basic background information such as names, addresses, tax ID, phone numbers, etc. The important cross relationship information as mentioned above is seldom kept inside the system. Consequently, employees of financial institutions often do not have sufficient information to analyze and manage their customers effectively.

Customer Evaluator™ links all the cross relationships together with the financial data of the customer. It downloads the most up-to-date data on a daily basis from the data processing service providers or the IT departments of the financial institutions. It can connect to multiple data processing systems and integrate all the data in order to construct an overall picture of all customers.

In addition, it enables employees of financial institutions to record the social relationships, the business background, and the family background into the system and link all the information together with the financial data. Furthermore, it keeps all the data in a huge database for seven years or longer.

As a result, a user can easily obtain the current and past portfolio summary of any customer at any time. A user can use the social link to identify all the social relationships of the customer and the respective summary of the related customers. He/she can get the overall summary of the whole household of the customer. With Customer Evaluator™, even a new customer service representative can quickly understand the background and the needs of any customer so that he/she can generate more business profits for the company.

Customer Evaluator™ uses the advanced browser-based technology. A user can access Customer Evaluator™ through either the Internet or Intranet with quick response time. There is little need for user training or technical support. It is compatible with Windows, Unix, and Linux client. It uses the ”thin client” system architecture so that a user computer with very small memory and no hard drive can still access Customer Evaluator™ at ease.


Customer Evaluator™ empowers a user to fully understand the portfolio, statistics, behavior patterns, family background, business background, and social relationships of all customers so that he/she can manage the customers effectively to cultivate more business opportunities. A user can easily turn customer relationships into market share and increase profitability for the organization.